Summary of this summer !

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summer 2012 mashup
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Oh damn, I was with the sun this month and a loooot of amazing mashups are out ! If you are like me, totally out, this post is for you :)


 Elocnep - Smash The Dancefloor 3 : I’m Not Done – Part #2


Marc Johnce – Give Me Good Brokenhearted Love

Download the song here for free:


Dj Schmolli – The One That Breaks The Stand

From: Pirate Nation Vol. 3

Download for free here:


Hifi Banjo Strings – Wait To Die


Xam – Gangnam Satisfaction


Mashed And Confused – Loosing You In My Sleep


MashMike – Tacata’

Colatron – Time And Time Again

Download for free here:


Dra’man – 25 faces


Fissunix – Heavy Metal Mashups Vol. 2 « Louder Than Hell Mix »


Fissunix – Grid it up (Binary Audio Mix Mashed)


Mighty Mike – Born Grenadine


Kellys Sevlac – No One Tomorrow Night


Mashup Germany – Summer Bash 2012 (Panos T video edit)

Download for free here:

DeeM – Live the Way You Are

Download here for free:

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