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Difference between am and fm radio

As we know that the radio has become the most popular media entertainment platform from which you can advertise your brands and provide important updates to a wide range of audiences. To provide entertainment to the people, radio has several stations to cover all the factors. FM and AM are the two main broadcasting signals which are used to share information with the audience and they will also help people to listen to the music.

AM and FM radio frequencies stand for audio modulation and frequency modulation respectively. Both the radio frequencies transmit the information in the electromagnetic waves which will reach the audience. Both technologies are a little bit different from each other in various aspects. When it comes to the AM technology, it will help to vary the amplitude of the signal and frequency will keep constant in this technology. In the FM technology, the frequency will vary with the information and the amplitude of the information will keep constant.

Following are some differences between the am and fm radio which will help you to understand both the signal:-

Modulating difference between am and fm radio:

In the AM technology, the carrier wave which is transmitted to the audience is modulated in the amplitude. The amplitude of the carrier wave will vary and the frequency of the signal will remain the same.

In FM technology, the frequency of the signal will vary with the signal and the amplitude will remain the same. This is the major difference between the AM vs FM radio transmission.

FM technology

Pros of the radio signals:

You should know that the AM frequency has a poor sound quality when it is compared with the FM technology but this will come at an affordable price range. It can also be transmitted to a long distance without any disturbance. The bandwidth of the AM technology is lower which will lead to more radio stations.

When it comes to the FM radio signal, physical barriers in society will affect the signal. It has a better sound quality when it is compared to the AM radio signal. The bandwidth of the signal is also high which will lead to higher sound quality.

The frequency range of the signals:

If we talk about the am signal then it ranges from 535 to 1705 kHz and when it comes to the fm signal it ranges from 88 to 108 MHz. All the above are the main differences between these two broadcasting signals.

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